Lisa Abrams

Published June 8, 2015

 I discovered CrossFit at a time in my life when I desperately needed to be strong on the inside and outside. I was initially attracted to CrossFit because of the intensity of the work outs, but soon realized that CrossFit is no ordinary gym. CrossFit is about community. I have met people of all walks of life and all stages of fitness at Bion CrossFit. Bion is my safe haven at the end of a long work day. It is the place where I know I will be challenged and simultaneously supported as I work towards new fitness goals. The coaching is superior, and is modified to meet each athlete's needs. I learn something new every week...from changing the grip on a bar to do a safer and stronger lift to a nutritional tip. I am stronger and fitter now than I have ever been. While I am regularly the last to finish a workout, I know that my fellow crossfitters will be cheering for me as I shout out my time. I urge you to join us! Change your life!


-Lisa Abrams

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