Wazir Abdullahi

Published June 1, 2015

Prior to CrossFit, my workout mainly included long distance running and Insanity workout videos. I had no experience in Olympic weightlifting or gymnastics but after joining Bion CrossFit, I have made significant progress in those areas as well as improve my overall strength. Kory and his team are experienced and passionate about fitness. I especially love Bion CrossFit because of the individual attention and guidance we get from the coaches, which creates a safe and fun environment. Every meovement is sufficiently demonstrated before each workout, with emphasis on technique and proper form. In addition, the constantly varied and unpredictable workouts are super fun and the support and camaraderie we get from the group helps you get throught the workouts when you have nothing left. Whether you are the first of last person to finish the workout, everyone is cheering for you and encouraging you all the way. The members of this box are like a second family. There is never a dull moment at Bion CrossFit! 


-Wazir Abdullahi

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