Isabelle Poueriet

Published February 21, 2018

Bion excels in programming workouts that deliver results to everyone, from the very beginners to the very advanced, youngest to older. Athletes of all level continue to grow in skills, strength, endurance, and stamina. I'm always amazed at the quality and intensity of the workouts. No matter the athlete's level, the coaches provide modification accordingly which allows also for growth. The athletes are an inspiration to each other. We celebrate everyone's achievements. The coaches, most of them competitors, do the same workout programmed for everyone, so this gives me confidence that I'm getting the best. The coaches take the time to demonstrate each workout, and to provide coaching, motivation, and tips before and during the workout. The facility is very spacious, accommodating, elegant, and from the moment I walk in I feel very welcomed and ready for an amazing, effective routine. The workouts are published on the gym web site before the week begins - very convenient to plan ahead. There is also extra workout programmed for those who want to stay in top competition shape, or simply if you wish to train more. The schedule is also very flexible. There are many classes offered, which gives us flexibility to fit that workout in based on what's going on in our lives. And if the regular workouts is not enough, say, you wish to hone a particular skill faster and at a more 1:1 level, there is always personal training that you can take. I feel honored to have access to such high quality fitness.

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