Dianne Wygal-Springer

Published May 7, 2015


     I joined in April of 2012 and have never looked back! I fell for this supportive community that is Gila PT/Bion CrossFit. Kory has helped me stay fit after two different shoulder surgeries. He carefully trained me in a safe and productive, yet challenging manner. His concern with the progress of my rehab at physical therapy for my shoulder was always a priority. I have learned so much and have seen amazing improvements in my strength, skills, conditioning, and diet while training at Gila PT/ Bion CrossFit. Just as important are the valuable relationships that I have with all the staff and members here. I have such a strong connection and belief in the training methods and philosophies at Gila PT/Bion CrossFit that I have now started as a trainer here. I know I'm learning from the best trainers in Tucson. I look forward to years of workouts - whether I'm performing the workout or coaching it!


-Dianne Wygal-SpringerCaptain Tucson Fire Department

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