Linda Tarason

Published May 7, 2015


   A little over five years ago, I took an free introductory Kettle Bell class and signed up for a year on the spot. Five plus years later I’m still at it. I just immediately had a feeling that this would change me in many ways. I have continued even after I had part of my lung removed due to lung cancer. It’s kind of a love/ hate relationship because it’s not the type of workout you can call in. What I love is that every day is different and it’s always a challenge. When I leave, I feel exhilarated from the feeling that I really accomplished something. It’s also fun having bragging rights to friends about what you did. There have been changes to my body also as I have lost weight (although I wasn’t heavy) and my BMI went to an athlete level. Kory and all the trainers are fantastic. I spent almost five years with Kory who was always encouraging but pushed in the right ways. 


-Linda Tarason

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