Leslie Minjarez

Published May 7, 2015

   I have been with Gila PT/Bion CrossFit for 5 ½ years!  No one stays that long unless they truly enjoy and value everything that their gym offers. The team is exceptional and very flexible with scheduling and meeting your personal interests. I am in my mid 50’s and originally started training as an avenue to relieve stress. I started with a personal trainer – Kory Faber –and am still working out with him at least once per week. I have enjoyed both personal training and group training. However, my favorite is personal training. My sessions are very personalized taking into account my strengths, challenges, my goals and even the mood I am in for the day. I am closely watched to make sure I meet my goals but not get hurt. It is hard work out but I leave with a HUGE sense of accomplishment and a desire to work harder next time. I hope anyone who reads this testimonial will strongly consider joining – you will not be disappointed and you will have fun too!
-Leslie Minjarez MBA, RN

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